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More than half a billion people in the world have arthritis

On the occasion of National Day of Physiotherapy, Dr. Mohammad Taqipour, the head of the university's rehabilitation faculty, said: Arthritis is one of the main causes of disability in the whole world, and 520 million people are living with osteoarthritis live in the whole world, 60% of whom have knee arthritis.
A member of the academic staff of Babol University of Medical Sciences stated: Unfortunately, the number of patients with arthritis is increasing every day, so that during the last two decades, the number of people with this disease has increased by 48%.
Considering that arthritis is the most common joint disease, he said: This disease can affect any joint that moves. Among the joints of the body, knee, thigh and hand arthritis are the most common.

Dr. Taghipour admitted: Arthritis is a disease that can start with a small or large injury to the joint, and initially the body can repair small changes in the joint, but as the disease progresses, the body's repair system cannot deal with joint destruction. And joint tissue is lost.
Doctor of Physiotherapy of Babol University of Medical Sciences continued and said: Joint changes associated with arthritis include the loss of joint cartilage, bone deformation and inflammation, which are accompanied by signs and symptoms such as pain, functional problems, muscle weakness, morning stiffness of the joint. From 30 minutes, the quality of life decreases.
Considering that the main cause of this disease is unknown, the head of the rehabilitation faculty of Babol University of Medical Sciences said: Factors such as weight gain and obesity, history of previous joint injuries at any age, excessive use of the joint, immobility of the joint, genetic factors and Family history, aging, poor nutrition and gender can increase the risk of developing arthritis.
A member of the academic staff of Babol University of Medical Sciences, mentioning that risk factors should be minimized for prevention, stated: Weight loss can slow down the risk of arthritis and improve the symptoms of the disease in affected people.
He mentioned that with each kilogram of body weight increase, the amount of pressure on the hip joint will increase by 3 kilograms. reduces the risk of knee injuries by 90%, and a regular physical activity and exercise program based on exercise standards under the supervision of a physiotherapist can reduce the risk of knee injuries by 50%.
Dr. Mohammad Taqipour pointed out that one of the most important points in daily activities is to use the full range of motion of the joints, and stated:  Avoid for a long time from activities and adopting positions that put a lot of pressure on the joints and surrounding structures. Therefore, a regular training program to strengthen and stretch muscles with natural movement patterns reduces the risk of arthritis and hip fracture and the risk of falling in the elderly and can reduce or delay the need for surgery.
Doctor of Physiotherapy of Babol University of Medical Sciences said: Among other things that should be taken into account in order to prevent arthritis is proper nutrition, which is consuming foods with vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, as well as drinking enough water and avoiding ready-made foods would be effective.
Referring to how physiotherapy can help arthritis, Dr. Mohammad Taqipour said: Exercise  are the first line of physiotherapy treatment for arthritis based on available scientific research evidence, and the physiotherapist can help reduce pain and manage arthritis by prescribing exercise and appropriate aids. and physiotherapists can help patients improve joint movement, walk better and strengthen muscles.
The head of the Rehabilitation Faculty of Babol University of Medical Sciences admitted: Note that the exercise program is prescribed for each individual patient so that we can be sure that the exercises are suitable for the patient's condition and are safe.
Dr. Mohammad Taqipour pointed out that exercise works like medicine and stated: By strengthening the muscles, joint support is achieved and balance is improved, the risk of falling is reduced, energy levels are increased, weight is reduced, morale is improved, cardiovascular capacity is increased, and so on. Improving sleep is another positive effect of exercise.
The member of the academic staff of Babol University of Medical Sciences stated: One of the sports activities is running, which many people think that running leads to joint cartilage damage, and therefore there are questions such as whether running leads to hip and knee joint damage. And they are prone to arthritis.
Continuing to answer these questions, he admitted: based on the available scientific and research evidence, running is generally a safe exercise for joint cartilage, and even some studies have shown that the risk of knee and hip arthritis in people who have a regular running program is higher than others. Of course, the running sports program should be done under the supervision and guidance of relevant experts.


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