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School of Nursing and Midwifery

Babol University of Medical Sciences has been accepting nursing and midwifery students since 1990. Currently, admission of nursing and midwifery students is done in the first semester. Also, the admission of students from the second semester has been done in the international campus unit of the university. Until the end of 2017, this school has been active in the form of nursing and midwifery departments in the medical school, and since 2018, it has been operating as a nursing and midwifery school, and currently has three nursing departments and two midwifery groups.

The school also admits students each year in two majors: NICU and MSc in Midwifery each year.

The faculty has 17 faculty members and 7 master's degrees in nursing and midwifery departments.

This faculty has administrative units (Dean of the Faculty, Vice Chancellor for Education and Research, Director of Public Affairs, Nursing and Midwifery Education Unit, Practical Training Unit (Practice or Skill Lab), Postgraduate Education, Faculty Council Room, Chamber of Professors and Experts Educational and classrooms.

Nursing courses are in the form of theoretical units of general courses, basic courses, specialized courses and practical units, including internships and internships in hospitals.

The clinical education facilities of the college mainly include the hospitals of Ayatollah Rouhani, Shaid Beheshti, Shahid Yahya Nejad, Amirkola children and other health centers of Babol.

Dear students, you can also use other facilities such as Zahrawi Library, University Central Library, self-service, university gym.


Number of students studying in the field of nursing: 275 people
Number of NICU nursing students: 19
Admission of undergraduate nursing students since 1990

Admission of master's degree student in neonatal nursing since 2010
Number of M.Sc. students in neonatal intensive care admitted since 1389: 47 people
Number of graduates of Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing: 28 people

The date of admission of midwifery students in this university dates back to 1369, in which 30 undergraduate students were admitted to the national entrance examination, and since then, 30 to 40 undergraduate students have been admitted every year.
   Number of undergraduate midwifery students: 137 people
    Admission of Master of Counseling students in Midwifery since 2016
    Number of graduate midwifery students: 930
    Number of Master of Counseling students in Midwifery since 2016: 5 people
    The latest ranking of medical universities in the country
    First place in the midwifery department of Babol University in the system of compiling lesson plans in all universities of the country in 2004

     Contact number of the School of Nursing and Midwifery: 01132190597 and 01132190618

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School of Nursing and Midwifery programs

Program Name Major Department
Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Department of Nursing
Midwifery Counselling Midwifery Counselling Department of Midwifery
Program Name Major Department
Midwifery Midwifery Department of Midwifery
Nursing Nursing Department of Nursing

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