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17 Shahrivar Educational and Medical Center

17 Shahrivar Educational and Medical Center


17 Shahrivar Babolkenar Hospital was officially inaugurated by Mr. Ali Asghar Farrokhmanesh with the name of Babolkenar Mothers and Infants Support Agency in 1968 and with the invitation of three obstetricians (Dr. Koosha, Dr. Fazl Alizadeh and Dr. Khoshbakht) Obstetrics and childbirth started in the best way so that the reputation of this hospital spread to the whole province and neighboring provinces and in some cases from Mashhad, Gorgan and Gilan, patients referred to this center and received medical services.

Activities carried out in order to create a culture and promote natural childbirth

  Construction and optimization of delivery blocks from traditional use to LDR and activating gynecological clinics, holding delivery preparation classes with the aim of empowering pregnant mothers, promoting physiological delivery, using pain relief methods including aromatherapy, massage therapy, heat and cold therapy, Ava therapy, the use of birth balls and labor and delivery in water with the aim of making the delivery process pleasant, favorable interaction with doctors and midwives of health centers, holding festivals to promote natural childbirth, etc. are just some of these activities.


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