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School of Rehabilitation

According to the needs of the country, Babol University of Medical Sciences started the initial measures in 1991 to launch the field of physiotherapy. The total activities of the university officials during consecutive years eventually led to the establishment of a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy in 2008 and the admission of 20 students. It was officially inaugurated by Dr. Prof. Samiei in 2016. The area of ​​the faculty is 2750 square meters and it has theoretical, practical, amphitheater and library classes and independent rooms for professors and group leaders.

The status of the faculty in terms of educational, research and treatment from the very beginning

educational activities

The educational activities of the faculty started with three educational groups on a daily basis and with the admission of students in the fields of physiotherapy, speech therapy and audiology. With the expansion of activities, the number of students increased, so that today it is proud to announce that it has 3 educational groups with more than 200 undergraduate students.

Also, with the establishment of the library, services will be provided to students of different fields in the faculty.

Research activities

This faculty is active with a deep understanding of its mission in order to apply research findings in education and also to provide basic and applied research in research. Research activities in the form of articles published by faculty members, lectures and articles to Congress Domestic and foreign, holding training workshops to empower faculty researchers and publishing professors' books.

Therapeutic activities

University to provide services to vulnerable groups of society and also to provide practical and applied education to students and also in order to institutionalize practical and research achievements in the field of welfare and rehabilitation to provide educational and medical services in hospitals and clinics The following is the action.

A: Shahid Yahya Nejad Hospital of Babol: which is the oldest hospital in Mazandaran province in the city of Babol with 198 active beds located in Babol - the crossroads of culture. In this center, physiotherapy and speech therapy training clinics with full facilities are active.

B: Ayatollah Rouhani Hospital of Babol: The newest and largest hospital in Mazandaran in the city of Babol with 372 active beds located in Babol - Ganj Afrooz Street - next to the University of Medical Sciences All three educational clinics, physiotherapy, speech therapy and audiology, operate in this center

C: Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Babol: which has 179 beds and in this center there are three active training clinics: physiotherapy, speech therapy and audiology.

D: Shafizadeh Amirkola Children's Hospital: which is the oldest hospital in Mazandaran province in the city of Babol with about 140 active beds located in Babol-Amirkola. In this center, all three educational clinics of physiotherapy, speech therapy, audiology are operating and providing services.

E: Omid 2 Special Clinic (Farhangian) "In this unit, there is also a physiotherapy training and treatment clinic and provides training and treatment services.

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School of Rehabilitation programs

Program Name Major Department
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy Department of Physiotherapy
Program Name Major Department
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy Department of Physiotherapy
Speech Therapy Speech Therapy Department of Speech Therapy
Audiology Audiology Department of Audiology

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