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Babol University of Medical Sciences is the first educational therapeutic in the north of Iran which is located in an area of 40 acres in the south of Babol. This place used to be a beautiful garden in the time of Safavid Shah Abbas I (1587 to 1629 A.D.). The university was established after the Islamic revolution in 1983 and the first group of students of medicine entered the university on February 11, 1986.


Schools Of Medicine

Established Year:1983

The basic sciences departments of this school are anatomy and genetics, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, biophysics, mycology, parasitology, immunology and microbiology.

Schools Of Dentistry

Established Year:1998

This school has more than 70 faculty members who provide service for the students of general dentistry and residents of the subspecialties of dentistry.

Schools Of Nursing and Midwife

Established Year : 1985

The Fatima Al-zahra school of nursing and midwifery of Ramsar worked as an educational center for assistants before 1983

International Unit

Established Year : 2014

This unit began its activity since the January of 2014

School of Allied Medical Sciences

Established Year : 1962

The Babol School of paramedicine is one of the first educational centers in Iran for the field of medical laboratory sciences

Traditional Medicine

Established Year:2012

The Babol School of traditional medicine acquired its license in 2012


Shahid yahya nezhed hospital

Established Year : 1928

This 87-year hospital is the most honorable in the north of Iran

This educational therapeutic center was established in 1986.

One of the most important therapeutic center under the supervision of the Babol University of Medical Sciences is the 372-bed Rouhani hospital.

It is the only oncology hospital and the specialized center for chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the north of Iran.

Fatemeh Zahra Hospital

Established Year : 1996

It is the biggest infertility research facility in the north of Iran which was promoted to a therapeutic center in 1996.

Beheshti Hospital

Established Year : 1985

Another one of the therapeutic centers of the Babol University is Shahid Beheshti hospital whose dialysis center is the biggest transplantation center in the north of Iran .

Amirkola Hospital

Established Year : 1961

The Amirkola ultra-specialized children’s hospital was established in 1961 and has 140 beds now.


Dr jalali

Dr Jalali

Dr Amri Maleh

Dr Amri Maleh

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Dr Ghadimi

Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology

Dr Jahanian

Vice Chancellor for Development and Human Resources


Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine

CJIM is approved by Medical Journals Commission of Ministry of Health and Medical Education (NO:185 , 12 Jul 2009). Email: researchbabol@gmail.com

Caspian Journal of Dental Research

Publisher: Faculty Of Dentistry, Babol University Of Medical Sciences Director in Chief: Homayoun Alaghehmand Editor–in-Chief: Sina Haghanifar E-mail: Caspian.jdr@gmail.com, Info@cjdr.ir

International Journal of Molecular and Cellular Medicine

Publisher: Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Center, Babol University of Medical Sciences Director in Chief: Amrollah Mostafazadeh Editor in Chief: Haleh Akhavan Niaki E-mail: info@ijmcmed.org; cmbrc.mubabol@gmail.com

Caspian Journal of Pediatrics

The Caspian Journal of Pediatrics (CJP) is an independent, international English- language Peer- reviewed journal in Pediatrics. CJP is designed for pediatrics a mean for scientific information exchange in Pediatrics societies. Email: CJP@mubabol.ac.ir , caspianjournalofpediatric_a@yahoo.com

Caspian Journal of Social Medicine

The Caspian Journal of Social Medicine, CJSM, is a peer-reviewed social medicine publication, scheduled to appear quarterly as a means for scientific information exchange in international medical societies. Email: Socialmedicine1393@gmail.com

Caspian Journal of Reproductive Medicine

Caspian Journal of Reproductive Medicine (Caspian J Rerprod Med) is a peer reviewed international quarterly publication of Infertility and Reproductive Health Research Center of Babol University of Medical Sciences, Iran. e-mail: info@caspjrm.ir

Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences

The Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences (JBUMS) is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary medical & health publication. Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences scheduled to appear monthly and publish scientific Journal in the fields of medicine.Email address: journalmubabol@gmail.com


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